How to write a charge sheet


List of Example Pro-forma Charge Sheets:


R9 R10(a)
R12(5) R14
R15(1) R19(a)
R22(7)(a) R22(7)(c)
R36(1)(a) R36(1)(b)
R36(3) R36(4)
R37)(1) R44(1)(a)
R44(1)(b) R44(1)(c)
R44(6) R44(7)
R45 R51(1)
R51(4)(b) R51(4)(c)
R51(4)(d) R51(5)
R51(6) R55(1)
R55(1)(002) R55(2)
R79(1) S13(1)(No Permit)
S13(3)(Permit Not Available) S44(2)(Fish Taken In c_o Act)
S47(Driftnet Fishing) S56(2)(Failure to comply with FCO)
S56(5)(a)(Obstructing FCO) S56(5)(c)(Threatening FCO)
S56(5)(d)(Failure to Comply with FCO) S58(1)(a)(ii)(Contravention of Conditions)
S58(1)(a)(iii)(Contravention of Authorisation) S76(7)(Interference with Observation Device)